May. 7th, 2017 08:10 pm
I had two cool experiencse as I was driving home from EFRC today, both related to breathing.

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I'm finding that taking a song I know well enough that I know exactly what I mean to play (even if I don't always execute it perfectly) and playing it in a completely different style is a good way to stretch myself. A few weeks ago I tried this with Tammuz, which I had pretty well set as a performance piece with a flatpick strum. I tried a double time fingerpick pattern, and (1) it pushed me to hit my Bms cleaner and quicker, and (2) I really liked how it sounded and I think I'll be playing it that way in circle now. Tonight I took Harbors, one of the first songs I really worked out something that felt like mine, and played it with a flatpick instead of fingerpicking. I'm not sure I want to make it the new way I play the song, but it made a song I love but hardly ever play feel fresh and new again.
Now I've played the CD I just got from Cheshire Moon.


It is awesome. It's like Cheshire Moon except even better. If you didn't back the kickstarter, they probably have a few left :-) and you should definitely buy it. Or I'm sure you folks with technology from this millenium can find a place to buy it digitally.
My postal mailbox had two things in it today: an enormous credit card bill and my Cheshire Moon kickstarter CD. One of these things makes me happy.
A shout-out and thank you to [personal profile] bedlamhouse and Brenda for hosting their annual April housefilk. It was a wonderful evening with friends and there was some darn fine music.



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