I've just returned from my eclipse trip. There were enough clouds in the area that we were nervous, but it was clear where the sun was at the big moment. The eclipse itself was incredibly beautiful, but not quite the spiritual experience it was for some people. The light of the partial eclipse though the trees was cool but it doesn't like up to my memory of the partial eclipse in Champaign some years ago, I don't know if it's just the effect of memory or if I just couldn't find a really good spot to see it.

Touch of Nature where we were staying is a very nice place and I'd love to visit again when it's not so hot and humid, I spent a fair bit of time hiking/walking around but I would have spent even more if it had been less uncomfortable. Astronomy people are incredibly nice and happy to share their cool toys; I got a good look at Saturn on Saturday night. The meals they provided were not exciting but edible, and I still managed to eat more than I should have.

My real camera decided to crap out on me, so I was limited to taking pictures with my cell phone. I did not have my phone out during the eclipse but I took pictures of nature-y things while I was there. I didn't bring my guitar and I guess I should have, there were campfire sings on Saturday and Sunday. Although I would still have been really shy about playing in front of a group of strangers who didn't know my kind of music -- I don't really know campfire songs. The camera that didn't work is almost as heavy, though more compact, than the guitar.


May. 7th, 2017 08:10 pm
I had two cool experiencse as I was driving home from EFRC today, both related to breathing.

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I'm finding that taking a song I know well enough that I know exactly what I mean to play (even if I don't always execute it perfectly) and playing it in a completely different style is a good way to stretch myself. A few weeks ago I tried this with Tammuz, which I had pretty well set as a performance piece with a flatpick strum. I tried a double time fingerpick pattern, and (1) it pushed me to hit my Bms cleaner and quicker, and (2) I really liked how it sounded and I think I'll be playing it that way in circle now. Tonight I took Harbors, one of the first songs I really worked out something that felt like mine, and played it with a flatpick instead of fingerpicking. I'm not sure I want to make it the new way I play the song, but it made a song I love but hardly ever play feel fresh and new again.
Now I've played the CD I just got from Cheshire Moon.


It is awesome. It's like Cheshire Moon except even better. If you didn't back the kickstarter, they probably have a few left :-) and you should definitely buy it. Or I'm sure you folks with technology from this millenium can find a place to buy it digitally.
My postal mailbox had two things in it today: an enormous credit card bill and my Cheshire Moon kickstarter CD. One of these things makes me happy.
A shout-out and thank you to [personal profile] bedlamhouse and Brenda for hosting their annual April housefilk. It was a wonderful evening with friends and there was some darn fine music.



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