Jul. 10th, 2017 12:36 pm
I was taking my walk this morning, and I started humming a couple of bars. They seemed familiar, I was sure they were from something I knew, but I couldn't place it. So I tried to see where they would go to see if it helped me remember what it was. Soon I had a tune. It was simple and repetitive but it was catchy. I repeated it a bunch of times as I walked along in the hope I wouldn't forget it. It may be from something else but I still can't place it.

I started to improvise some silly lyrics. And they seemed to come together into a song. I got home and wrote down the lyrics and started to file down some rough edges, and here they are.

Oh it's a butter
A happy butter
Do do do doot do do do
He's looking for
A happy flower
Doot doot do do do do
And if he finds
A girl butter
Do do do doot do do do
Then they will make
Next year's butters
Do do do doot do do do

And their eggs
Survive the cold, etc.
That's how it's been
Since days of old, etc.
The cycle turns
Goes on and on, etc.
For that is how
Life's will is done, etc.

And there's a bird
A happy bird
And he sings
His happy song
And he feeds
His wee fledlings
Til they can learn
To fly down south

And they return
After the cold
That's how it's been
Since days of old.
The cycle turns
Goes on and on
For that is how
Life's will is done.

Life evolves
Along comes man
Who makes the world
Fit to his plan
He tames the fire
He tames the wolves
He plows the fields
He tromps the roads

He build canals
He burns the coal
Not how it's been
Since days of old
The cycle breaks
It can't go on
And who will know
This song's been sung?

(hum first half of verse)
(fading out)
The cycle turned
Went on and on
It was the way
Life willed it done

I don't know what's happening to me. I don't write songs. I hope I don't forget the tune, since I don't have any meaningful way to record it.

A Verse

Jun. 28th, 2017 11:12 am
I took a nice long walk this morning, and as I walked I wrote a little song.

(ttto "Babylon Is Fallen")

I wish I had an orange tiger. I would beep him on the nose.
I would give him lots of scritches; I would pet his fuzzy toes.
I would give him toys to play with; I would give him lots of love,
But I would not walk beneath him where he could pounce from above.
For I know he's very pointy; he could bite my spine in two,
And I know that his instinct even though he loves me too.



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